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How I Write My Newsletter With Obsidian
How I Write My Newsletter With Obsidian
How I Manage Projects and Goals in Obsidian
How I Manage Projects and Goals in Obsidian
How I Import Literature Notes into Obsidian
How I Import Literature Notes into Obsidian


How I Read Research Papers with Obsidian and Zotero

19 August, 2021

Learn how I import papers I've read in Zotero into Obsidian with QuickAdd and Citations. This workflow is mostly automatic, and completely customizable.

How I Process Inputs From the Internet

15 August, 2021

Or, a guide to dealing with the seemingly infinite torrent of information that is The Internet.

How to use QuickAdd for Obsidian - with examples

24 July, 2021

A beginners guide to QuickAdd, an Obsidian plugin that helps you create and add content to your Obsidian vault.

How To Take Smart Book Notes in Obsidian

10 July, 2021

How I semi-automatically import literature notes to my Obsidian vault and my workflow for processing them into atomic, evergreen notes.

Why I Started Using Obsidian

28 February, 2021

I recently started using Obsidian for knowledge management. Here's why I love it.

Summary of 'Study Less Study Smart' by Marty Lobdell

29 October, 2020

A quick summary of the talk given by Marty Lobdell on how to study smart.

How to Track Workouts in Notion

24 August, 2020

How I'm tracking my workouts in Notion. Works for runs, walks, bodyweight fitness, and weight lifting. Automatically calculates metrics like pace and one-rep max.

How I Made a Personal Blog with Vue & Gridsome

14 July, 2020

The story of how I built a personal blog from scratch — and how you can too.

How I am Creating a Productivity System

14 May, 2020

I wanted a system that would allow me to easily connect the dots between what I do on a daily basis, and what I aim for in the long-term.

Why Having A Good Study Area Is Important And How To Get One

31 January, 2020

Having a good area for studying is incredibly important if you want to succeed in school. It helps you concentrate and study more efficiently. It is also one of the most neglected factors.

How To Quickly Boost Your Productivity With Time Tracking

22 January, 2020

Time tracking increases your productivity, keeps you motivated and focused, and it helps you beat procrastination. Learn how here.

Stoic Wisdom: 11 Principles For A Better Life

16 January, 2020

These letters have had a profound impact on philosophy and can guide all of us lead a better life.

The Best Books I've Read in 2019

11 January, 2020

I reached my goal of reading 54 books last year. What a journey it was. I’ve read some great books last year. So let's talk about them.

Getting More Done In Less Time Using The Pomodoro Technique

10 December, 2019

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method that helps you boost your productivity and get more done in less time.

How To Learn New Subjects Easily - The Feynman Technique

12 November, 2019

If you can’t explain something to someone who knows little to nothing about it, you don’t understand it yourself.

Lessons To Be Learned From The Prince

11 November, 2019

Recently having finished “The Prince” by Niccolò Machiavelli, I believe that there is a lot to learn from the book. While the book discusses methods that I don’t particularly agree with; deception, for example, there is still a lot of great and important points within the pages.

One Man Army: Leading Yourself

17 March, 2019

How do we apply the leadership principles that U.S Navy SEALs use to lead our own lives?

The 5 Habits That Will Have The Biggest Impact On Your Life

14 March, 2019

You can improve by these huge amounts yearly if you only make these small improvements daily.

How You Can Achieve Success By Reading

7 March, 2019

You can lose everything. Your job, your wealth, your friends, and even your home. But will never lose your knowledge.