Why Having A Good Study Area Is Important And How To Get One

31 January, 2020 | 1 min read

Having a good area for studying is incredibly important if you want to succeed in school. It helps you concentrate and study more efficiently.It is also one of the most neglected factors.

So here's a very quick, two-step guide to improving your study area.

Where to Study?

As Marty Lobdell said in his 'Study Less Study Smart' lecture, the place wherein you study is incredibly important. Why? Because of environmental cues.

Say you're sitting in the living room — where the TV usually is. Obviously, the TV would distract you — and that's a no go.

The same goes for sitting in your kitchen (or at the dining table) — the environmental cue here is food. When you sit there, you'll start thinking about food. Then all of a sudden you're sitting with a sandwich... And then another one... Again, that's no good.

And one of the most popular areas to study in is one's bedroom. Well, that's where you sleep, so the bed will start calling you as you are studying.

So what do you do about it?

In the lecture, Lobdell suggests getting a study lamp. It was found that students would do better if they had a lamp that they'd turn on only while studying.

So get yourself a lamp — you probably already have one — and only turn it on after you have completed these two steps.

The Two Steps

Step 1 - Remove All Distractions

  • Your phone
  • Video games
  • Non-relevant tabs
  • Other people (unless you are studying in a group – and everyone is focused on studying only)

Step 2 - Have everything You Need to Study Ready

  • Textbooks
  • A notebook/paper and writing tools
  • A computer (only if necessary)
  • (Optional) Noise-canceling headphones – they are great for removing distractions / noise.
  • (Optional) Coffee, water, or tea.
  • (Optional) If you like studying with music playing it can help. But only if it's without lyrics. And perhaps don't play loud or agitated music.

The Third (bonus) Step - Get Started

Now, all you have to do is to get started studying. If you feel that you have trouble getting started, you can try the Pomodoro Technique. The Technique is incredibly helpful when feeling unmotivated because all you have to do is to focus for a short 25 minutes.

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