On The Shortness Of Life

Timeless wisdom from Seneca.

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It is not that we have a short space of time, but that we waste much of it.

No one is to be found who is willing to distribute his money, yet among how many does each one of us distribute his life.

Finally, everyone agrees that no one pursuit can be successfully followed by a man who is busied with many things... ...Since the mind, when its interests are divided, takes in nothing very deeply, but rejects everything that is, as it were, crammed into it.

Everyone hurries his life on and suffers from a yearning for the future and a weariness of the present. But he who bestows all of his time on his own needs, who plans out every day as if it were his last, neither longs for nor fears the morrow.

Do not be jealous of someone who is famous, has a specific profession, or in another way has something you do not. Their price was life - they spent time on something which you did not. Why then are you jealous? You got the time, they got the achievement.

In the same way, you wouldn't be jealous of any material possessions; they gave something of value that they possessed in order to receive something else. You did not do that; you still have the currency yourself.

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