Total Recall

I loved this book. Especially the first part - about his bodybuilding days. One of the greatest immigrant stories ever told; and it's real.

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Arnold's Rules

  • Turn your liabilities into assets.
  • When someone tells you no, you should hear yes.
  • Never follow the crowd. Go where it's empty.
  • No matter what you do in life, selling is part of it.

Ten Principles

  1. Never let pride get in your way.
  2. Don't overthink.
  3. Forget plan B.
    1. Operate without a safety net.
  4. You can use outrageous humor to settle a score.
  5. The day has twenty-four hours.
  6. Reps, reps, reps.
  7. Don't blame your parents.
  8. Change takes big balls.
  9. Take care of your body and your mind.
  10. Stay hungry.

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